Sunday, June 22, 2008

Snow White and Our Dwarf & Skunk!!!

The girls were in the Missoula Childrens Theatre production
of Snow White last night. They had two performances and
they were awesome! Uncle Will, Aunt Christina, and little Tanner
came to cheer them on. I got to spend the entire morning getting
treated for Strep Throat. I was lucky enough to still get to go see
my sweet little actresses in the play! We were so proud!

This is Sydney the skunk with spunk!!!
Summer was one of the seven dwarves.
She was Tambourine and the
comedian of the group!

We went to Wildflower between the shows and
the girls' biggest fans cheered them on while
feasting on messy cupcakes (every bite of them)!
Cute Tanner and Ty!!!


Sairel said...

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Jen Rose said...

Hey Jen - that must have been so cute! I can't believe how big Ty is getting. And Tanner! I'm so sorry you have strep throat. That stinks! I hope you feel better!

* Amanda * said...

so cute all of the pictures. Especially Summer, love it!