Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Our 2 newbies!

We got to take my parents piano
home with us!!! I am so excited. It
was the piano they bought when I was
a little girl. Who knew Jason would
be the one playing it the most?
Our other big treat was buying this sweet puppy!
Her name is Scoop Stewart (Ty named her). We bought
her at the Flagstaff Humane Society. Isn't she cute!
She is soooo tiny and had surgery this morning.


Kandy said...

OK second try at leaving a comment! The puppy is sooo cute and hope Scoop is a good puppy! Kids, take good care of her - she is so tiny! The piano looks better there than I thought it would.
Enjoy both!

Jen Rose said...

Right on Jason! That is awesome. And cute little puppy. Are you bringing her to Vegas???

* Amanda * said...

oh my gosh Jen!! She is so precious! I hope Scoop will bring nothing but sweet memories for you all!

Love ya,