Thursday, May 1, 2008

Summer's Concert

Tonight was Summer's Upper-grade Band Performance.
She played the steel drums and the violin. Her father
and I couldn't be more proud! She definitely has
skills with instruments!

She played this steel drum and the base
(which is a set of 5 upside down trash cans).
This is Summer's violin teacher, Jonathan
Levingston. We love him! A little too cute
for a violin teacher, right Summer!?! I never
knew 5th grade girls could be so interested
in violin! My moms friend Audrey has generously
loaned Summer a violin to play. Thanks, Audrey!
She'll have to play for you sometime!


Jen Rose said...

I bet she was great at the concert! I think that is so cool that she plays violin! You guys definately should be proud!

Kandy said...

Not only does she play good but boy does she look cute! Who could have gotten her that cute outfit? Miss you guys.

kelly said...

what an awesome talent!!!and a cute girl to go along with that talent :)