Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Sea World with sick Libby

Libby's preschool had a Sea World day where we could get in for $6 each!  Of course Ty wanted to ditch school and go, so we joined the Macbeths for the day. 
I think Ty enjoys Sea World as much as I do!
This octopus was showing off for us!
This was our view for the day. Poor Libby started off the morning throwing up and she enjoyed Sea World from the stroller or laying down to rest. Poor thing. She still said it was better than being sick at home. 
Of course Ty had to ride Manta a million times. Seriously, it's one of the best roller coasters out there and there's never any lines!  We love it!
Brock even got to show off his sitting skills right in front of a giant turtle!
Ty, too! 
3 minutes before the park closed, Uncle Brad raced onto the water ride with Ty. 
Glad he's a kid at heart cause this mom didn't want to get soaked!

Thanks for an awesome day, Libby!  Sad you were too sick to really enjoy it. Glad you have a season pass and can get a re-do!

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Megan said...

Jen, This is Megan (Scott) Rasmussen from Laguna Hills. I just heard about Amy and wanted you to know I am so sorry. Sending lots of prayers your way.