Wednesday, November 12, 2014

California Shoot Out

This season started out with a bang. Ty's team won 4-0. all went down hill. They were getting creamed. Towards the end of the season, we won 4 games in a row. Things were looking up. So much so that we were in the tournament that ends the season. Ty's team went in with high hopes. They were teamed up against the first team we played (the 4-0 game). Within the first 5 minutes, the other team scored. We eventually tied up the game and went into overtime. After the first overtime, the ref declared a California Shoot Out. That means 8 players on each team, no goalies. It continued without any goals. They finally got down to 5 on 5, no goalies, no off sides. We finally pulled off the win after 1 hour and 40 minutes of play!  Ty never sat out. He played the whole time and was AMAZING!!!
This was the scene as we all rushed the field at our scoring goal! Owen (Ty's best friend) is hugging him so tight. It's adorable. 
Owen's dad (Jay) was our coach this season. Owen broke both elbows halfway through the season and hasn't been able to play (double casts). He finally got the casts off but he can't un-bend his elbows. Doc says he can't play. It's been a bummer, but he's been the teams biggest cheerleader. We can't wait for their next game on Saturday. What a fun season!!!

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