Thursday, August 7, 2014

50th Anniversary Celebration

As a way of celebrating my in-laws 50th anniversary, we returned to the San Clemente Beach House Tradition. 
We divided up the meals, and Jason and I were first. We decided to welcome everyone to California the right way...a BONFIRE!!
Everyone pulled into town at different times on Saturday, so we had small numbers at first. 
With 25 family members and 2 friends, we are quite the group!
Photo bomber Chris was in rare form that night....and he would steal everyone's phones and change their wallpaper to random (not so flattering shots) of others. Gotta love Chris!  😉
Sydney loves doing Scooby Doo Jinkies with Jason. 
The girls were awesome helpers. We had to drop them off early to reserve the fire pit. They had a blast!
Then the hot dog and s'more roasting began. 
The guests of honor were the last to arrive. We welcomed them with open arms and couldn't wait to get the week of fun started!!!


Eric and Tammy Mitchell said...

so fun, I want to do a bonfire night with family

Angie said...

This is awesome! Happy Anniversary Gary and Marie!

The Fosters said...

What a great tradition and happy celebration for Gary and Marie!