Monday, July 7, 2014

Trek 2014

The girls both had an amazing experience last week on Trek. 
Sydney's Ma and Pa had a camera, so we got a ton of good group pictures of Syd. 

If you give Sydney a listening ear, she will gladly tell you EVERY detail of her experience. 
That's the benefit of being a 14 year old. You are young and this is your first overnight experience WITH BOYS!  
She LOVED it, to say the least!
Summer had Marie as one of her sisters. She is in our ward and it was a great bonding experience for them. 
I'm sad I didn't get many pictures of Summer on the actual trek. 
This was before....notice how clean they look. Their cute clothes (Grammy helped them make 90% of) may never recover. 
It was a great experience and their testimonies of pioneers definitely grew stronger. 


Jodie said...

That looks like lots of fun, Jenna would love to do that.

♥ Lane & Jannica ♥ said...

Those girls make some gorgeous pioneers!

kandy said...

What a great experience. Wish we could have been flies on the wall. They are so cute!