Sunday, July 20, 2014

Cabin Trip 2014

After leaving the Openshaws, we headed up to the cabin in Brian Head. ❤️
Sorry for the picture overload, but we love it up there!  Too many beautiful scenes...we have to take tons of pictures!
Lexi & Summer
Summer tanning by Marmot Hill. 
Summer and Libby watching for trout. 
Syd being Syd...beautiful!
We went on an amazing hike in Kanarraville. 
It's called Kanarra Canyon and it's amazing!
Hiking through water is always more fun!
Xavier and Ty loved it!
Especially the rock slides!!!
As always, the 4-wheelers are the biggest hit. Libby and Lexi were sold!
Syd even chauffeured Pops around. Ty says Pops is too scary to ride with. He liked to blaze his own trails. :P
Christina and Tanner enjoyed the cool evenings by the creek, too. 
Ty and Xavier are true fishermen. 
It was always nice to warm up by the campfire. 
Bridget (and the rest of the Rices) came up Thursday night. 
The Openshaws joined us Thursday night, also. 
My two dads are so much fun together. They enjoyed horseshoes, BBQing, Fox News, and chatting together. 
Ty's greatest achievement was having grandad allow him to ride the ATV solo. That was a HUGE deal. He is one happy camper. 
We loaded the car and headed to St. George to drop Summer off with the Banks'. 
Poor Goose had to meet all 15 of us and endure a brutal interview with Pops. Pops approves. He was pretty impressed by him. 
Summer is spending a few days in St. George with them at their aunts house and will head to AZ with them on Monday. Goose has his farewell next Sunday, then he leaves for his mission to Santiago, Chile. Ty, Syd, and I leave Friday to AZ for the farewell and to pick up a heart-broken girl who has to say goodbye for 2 years. 


♥ Lane & Jannica ♥ said...

Haha I love that picture of your dad at the table with Goose!

Jodie said...

Looks like a great trip.

The Fosters said...

What a fun trip. Thanks Stewarts for sharing your awesome cabin.