Monday, March 17, 2014

Summer's wild Mormal

Wow!  I've always known Summer was pretty, but once Maxine and Jasmine did her hair and makeup, she was BEAUTIFUL!!!
Goose waited patiently while the girls worked their magic. He loved the finished product. How fun, having your best friend there...although he would have been a great date, too. 
Remember her crazy 3 boy Valentine's Day?  Well, the 3 same boys struck again. Ryan was at the front door with Josh (her actual date), while Goose was inside with her. She had no idea that Ryan was going. She hadn't been in touch with him since the Banks' arrived and it was a last second blind date for him. Awkward???  YES!!! Poor Josh. 
Ryan, MJ, Josh, and Summer
They still had a great time and she was in the door by 12:01 and she then stayed up until 3 am with Goose. Busy, beautiful, and popular, girl!  

10 couples had dinner on the beach before the dance. The setting was beautiful. Summer loved that Haley ended up being in the same group. What pretty ladies. :)


kandy said...

Gorgeous for sure! Love all the pictures

Eric and Tammy Mitchell said...

So fun. I miss having teenagers