Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas Happenings.

We piled a lot into this Christmas. 
We joined the CA Foster clan for some Christmas Caroling. 
It was at an old folks home and we were a hit (especially Libby and Lexi). 
We found a great tree at Costco this year. Only $45!!!
Sydney had a holiday choir concert. 
She was always. 
We got to attend a live nativity and explore their display of around 1,000 nativities. This one was Ty's favorite. Made entirely using a Rainbow Loom by a 10 yr old. 
I'll wrap up this post with my one negative about this Christmas. Every year, I make the same 3 cookie recipes I made with my mom as a little girl. Green holly cookies, sugar cookies, and peanut butter kiss cookies. I always hand them out to friends and neighbors. This year, I sent a little girl away in an ambulance. She has a nut allergy (which OBVIOUSLY I was not aware of). All is well, but I ended up not passing out all of my goodies. We will see what I decide to do next year. It was a little too scary for me with that incident. :(

All in all, it's been an amazing December thus far!!!

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Rachael said...

How did you get a tree at Costco for $45???
I think you need to still carry on tradition and make your 3 cookies you made as a kid. Her mom should have asked....seriously...NOT YOUR FAULT!
Did you go to the Live Nativity here in Vegas? I still haven't gone and every year I say...Next year. I year I am going to go!!!