Friday, October 4, 2013

39 and feeling fine

I had a great birthday. Jason took me to Denny's for my free birthday breakfast. It was like stepping back in time since we had Libby and Lexi with us. Memories of life before school, sports, driving, dating, etc.  They are just as fun as Summer and Sydney were at those ages. 
Once we got home, Libby and Lexi helped me bake some cupcakes. 
After we picked up Ty, they had a frosting party. 
Some were cleaner than others. :)
That night, I was spoiled by having all of these adorable people (Brad, too. He's taking the picture) join us for dinner at Pick Up Stix, then return to our house for cake and cupcakes. 
I feel so blessed!!!  


Pops said...

Best part of being 39 is our baby is back in California!!!! We love it! and her of course.

The Fosters said...

Great day for a great girl! We are so lucky to be your parents...don't know how you turned out so amazing!