Friday, September 6, 2013

Surfing success

All three of our kids are loving surfing!
Ty literally spends day-after-day, hour-after-hour on a surfboard. I can't even pull him out of the water to eat lunch!
We've had some awesome wipeouts, but this one by 'Superman Summer' takes the cake:
One of their favorite traditions is the Thrifty's Ice Cream stop after a long day at the beach. It was hard convincing them that we don't need a cone EVERY time we go now.
Sydney has really done well this summer. With those long arms, it's always fun to watch her flailing about. :)
Then there's Summer, who is always cool, calm, and collected. HaHa. Yeah, right. She makes the funniest sounds (screams, giggles, and shrieks) while paddling to catch a wave. 
How I love these kids and the hours of entertainment they give me. 

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Adventures in the Warr Zone said...

We were just talking about dble chocolate malted crunch ice cream yesterday while eating out Braums cones. If you ever come to Tx we'll take you there.