Friday, September 13, 2013

A few house shots

It's been a busy week!  Tomorrow marks one week in this cute house. 
It has a great staircase (which we all know Ty loves). 
Figuring out the furniture positioning has been interesting, but we think we have it down. We still don't have a new TV cabinet yet (I think I just want a table for it to sit on). We sold our HUGE wall unit before the move. 
My dad and Brad have been working really hard. They have been my personal heroes. 
I love the iron work they hung on the stairs. 
Ty's new sheets and his shower curtain look great. He's going with a shark theme, so we picked ocean colors. 
The girls have to share a room, and they had the hardest time deciding where to put 2 beds. They decided to go with the trundle in a different configuration. They got new bedding and it looks cute. They have their own bathroom attached to their room, so it's been nice. 

Cute house. Now it's time to make some memories in it. :)


Rachael said...

Cute!!! I love that iron thing that is fits that space perfectly!

kandy said...

It is so cute and becoming your home. We are so excited you are so close by! said...

I can't believe that you made it back to California. You always wanted to go back. It looks like a great house. Your kids are getting so big and grown up. They are gorgeous. Love your blog.