Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Lake Powell 2013

We got the word on Wed. night that we were invited to go houseboating with the Barbers, Openshaws, Macbeths, and Fosters. We joined them halfway through their week. We hit the road at 4:30am and were on the lake by 2:30pm. Not too shabby for short notice. :)
They had all the toys!  Tons of paddleboards, 2 seadoos, 2 boats, and 2 houseboats!
We were spoiled, once again.
Ty loved the slides off the back of the houseboats. I must admit, I did, too. :)
There's nothing better than laying on the top of a houseboat. The last 2 nights I got to sleep up there under the stars. Beautiful!!!
Brad spoiled us with tons of boat rides. 
The Barbers found this hidden swimming hole. Isn't it beautiful there!?!
I think this is my favorite picture of Summer!  
Here we are pulling into the marina on our last day. It was an awesome adventure to add to our amazing summer. 
Lake Powell memories flood my mind from when I was their ages. I'm so glad they got the opportunity!
They have the coolest system where they tow you out of the lake on the houseboat and then we could take our car right up to it to unload. Wow, things have definitely improved since my teenage years. ;)
Thanks Openshaws, Barbers, Macbeths, and Fosters!!!!


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Lake Powell was one of my favorite vacations when I was 15! I still haven't been back! :(