Saturday, July 6, 2013

Rupert, Idaho

My mother, Kandy, was born in a small farming community named Rupert, Idaho. Somewhere I have pictures of the house she was raised in until the age of 8, when they made the move to Southern California. While at our family reunion, Lois Barendregt (my mom's aunt) showed me her photo albums. Here are a few gems she showed me that I had never before seen. 
1. My Grandmother Leona Barendregt as a young woman
2. My grandparents (Blaine and Leona Warr) with their 3 oldest: Larry, Kandy (my mom), and Randy. Tammy hadn't been born yet. 
3. My grandmother Leona, her mother Trijntje, and Josephine
4. & 5. The trees that still stand on the property 
6.  A chicken coup that still stands

Have I mentioned how much I love family history!?!  ;)

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Jodie said...

Great pictures! Looks like lots of fun.