Thursday, June 13, 2013

Sticking with the plan!

Since we were supposed to be at Girls Camp, Ty had plans to go over to his best friend Parker's new house. When I dropped him off at 11, I got stuck in a horrible 60mph hail storm!  I had to come to a complete stop on the road and hold the steering wheel with all my might. A little later, we had a tornado warning. I will admit, I thought I was in a tornado. It wasn't good.

Well, Ty and his friend took that opportunity to play in the mud that the storm left behind. They had a blast and Ty still has mud in his ears, even after being hosed off and showering. Montana has crazy weather. I look forward to my mild SoCal 'storms'. :)


Jodie said...

Awesome fun-well not the storm but playing in the mud.

kandy said...

What a crazy boy!!!

Adventures in the Warr Zone said...

Fun mud time. Brody used to boogey board in our backyard in CA after some good rain and bad drainage.