Friday, April 12, 2013

Cowboy Up in Palm Springs!

 As a special treat, my dad found
a fun Covered Wagon Tour for us
to go on in Palm Springs 
the day after Easter. 
 We took up almost the entire wagon.
One other family of 4 joined us,
but for the most part, it was a
Foster Fest!
 Unfortunately, Brad and Mark had to get
back to work, so we were strong in the
female persuasion.  This was the cutest
of the whole lot.  :)  
 The tour led us to a dry oasis.  The water
level was just under the surface, but many 
times throughout the year, the water flows.
 Our guide introduced us to a plant
she called 'The Potato Chip Plant'.
We all got to try some and Ty spent
the rest of the week hunting for more.
It was pretty darn salty and tasted 
like...well, a potato chip.  ;)
 At the top of the oasis, we got to pose
with our mules.  Here's the Stewart bunch...
 The Openshaw bunch,
 Grammy and Pops,
 and the Macbeth bunch.
 We headed back to the 'corrals'
and feasted on cowboy grub.  We 
followed my dad's lead and added
non-dairy creamer to our hot chocolate.
Some of the best I've ever had...even
without marshallows.  Yum!
 Can you believe that we got that entire
crew up and line-dancing!?!  It was a
blast.  Sydney even went on to teach them
some she's learned here in Montana.
See, a little Montana has rubbed off.  HaHa
 After the sun had already set, the
teenagers headed out to do some
roping.  Porter looks like a natural.
 Tanner wasn't too bad, either.
 For the finale, we got to roast marshmallows
in the tent.  The wind was pretty fierce,
so we were happy to stay inside.  Guess
they have those windmills in Palm
Springs for a reason.  ;)
Little Max stole the show at the
end when the wagonmaster gave
him a cute cowboy hat.  I love that kid!


kandy said...

Such a fun experience to share with the most wonderful people in the world!!!

Becky Macbeth said...

That picture of Max is to die for! So stinkin' cute! Man, you take some great pictures!

Anonymous said...

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