Sunday, February 10, 2013

Summer's Turn at New Beginnings

*She's always been a straight A student
*Going to Fiji this summer for 3 weeks
*Great athlete (soccer and swimming)
*Loves these animals: Okapi, Hyena, Horse

*When Summer was born, we lived on a ranch in Las Vegas. We had 2 horses. 1 of them was named Tug. From the moment she was born, she spent hours taking care of and riding Tug. When she was 7, Tug died from eye cancer. A little piece of Summer died with him. He will forever be her best four legged friend. She still sleeps with a stuffed animal Tug every night, as well as her new Okapi stuffed animal she got for Christmas.

*one of our favorite stories: on her first day of Kindergarten, she was wearing a skirt with shorts underneath. She had a male teacher and he asked them all to sit criss-cross applesauce. Since she was in a 'skirt', she wouldn't do it. He was very strict and made her stay in at recess on her very first day of school. When she climbed into the car after school, I had the video camera rolling and asked her how her first day went. She burst into tears and didn't want to ever go to school again. Needless to say, she recovered, but has never worn a skirt again. :) Maybe Mr. Taylor is to blame for her tomboy ways.

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kandy said...

Love that girl!!!!and she looks soo cute in skirts!