Monday, February 25, 2013

Championship Meet in Great Falls

All 3 of our kids had their final Championship Swim Meet in Great Falls, Montana. It was a 4 hour drive, but it made for a great little getaway. Ty had missed 2 weeks of lessons due to his illness, while Summer was feeling horrible DURING the meet. Check out these results:
Summer took:
3rd in 100 Free
3rd in 50 back
1st in 100 Breast
And 4th in 200 IM
Sydney took: (keep in mind, she was racing against Summer)
8th in 50 Back
9th in 100 Free
5th in 100 Breast
8th in 200 IM
Ty took:
5th in 25 Free
4th in 50 Back
1st in 100 IM
*1st in 25 Breast* he got DQ'd on that one for not touching with both hands simultaneously. :(

They were all amazing! We are so proud of our fish!!!

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The Fosters said...

Way to go Stewart kids! Where are the pictures of Great Falls? Or did you even go outside?