Friday, December 28, 2012

The Nativity

 Summer played a beautiful Mary
in our Nativity Play this year.
 Buddy the Elf came in handy as Baby Jesus
and Ty was a very handsome Joseph.
 The crowning jewel (and funniest part)
was when the angel made her appearance.
Grammy was cast perfectly for the role.
 The wise men (Sydney, Pops, and Jason) 
brought gifts from under the tree.
Mom played the narrator.
It was finished off perfectly as
Grammy read 'Twas the Night
Before Christmas' to all of us.
What a wonderful Christmas Eve!


Rachael said...

How did you use the Elf for the nativity and not touch him? Or does Ty not believe anymore?

Jen said...

Rachael: They asked Buddy the night before if he could be in the manger they made while planning the play. He's a good little elf and did as he was told. Ty definitely follows the no touching rule. :)

kandy said...

I am protesting the pictures of me!!! Everyone else is so cute!