Monday, November 12, 2012

Swim Meet in a storm!

We got to head over to Hardin, MT in a snow storm for a swim meet on Saturday. I forgot my camera, so please forgive the iPhone photos. Here were the results:
Summer got 2 firsts, Syd anchored her relay for a first place victory, and Ty DQed in a few due to his kick. That's common. He has some work to do, but he has major potential. The one race he didn't DQ in, he got 2nd! Sum and Ty were also picked by their coaches to race in the relays.

My favorite part....the last 3 individual races, Summer and Sydney raced each other. Summer always beat Syd, but Syd wasn't too far behind. It was an awesome (yet cold) day!

Pics: Syd in lane 1, Sum in lane 3
Sum doing butterfly
Syd doing breast

(Blogging on my iPhone makes this hard. Pictures may be in a different order)


kandy said...

So cool...where are the storm pics?

Kelly said...

i loved watching nathan swim. however...he could never do breast stroke even after 5 yrs of swimming