Saturday, October 6, 2012

Weekend at home

Soccer was cancelled due to the amount of snow on the fields. Yes, you read that right. Snow! Already?!? NOOOO! Anyway, we hit the mall for a bit, but conference is on this weekend, so we busted out the puzzles from the Macbeths and are having some lazy fun. I cannot believe President Monson's announcement that Ty can serve a mission at 18 and the girls at 19. It just makes it seem so close. Glad I can spend this quality time with all 3 of them now. Make every moment count!!!


Kerry said...

Wow! Snow already? It is still 100 here. Kinda tired of it, though. So Samantha thinks it is unfair that boys get to go on a mission one year sooner than girls...especially since girls are more mature (her words, not mine :) Hope you guys are doing great!

The Fosters said...

Puzzles...what fun! Yes 18 and 19 are way too young!!!