Thursday, August 2, 2012

FHE at the shooting range

The kids were a bit jealous
of our date night at the shooting
range.  The Wassmers took pitty
on them and invited us to join their
family there for Family Home Evening.
We were a big group.  Even
Grant (their 4 year old)
got in on the action.
Summer loved it. 
Thank goodness for ear plugs and
headphones.  It gets LOUD!
Check out my sharp shooter!
Syd had the funniest stance.
She would arch her back when shooting.
Jason thinks he's a pro now.  :)
Ty and Aubrey both claim that
bullseye as their own.  The
truth will never be known.
Another fun Montana activity!


Adventures in the Warr Zone said...

Larry has taken several of our "adult" & grandkids to the shooting range. They all have enjoyed their experience and learn how to handle a firearm & respect them. Good times.

amy said...

Wow, right up Uncle Mark's alley!

kandy said...

Man you guys are spending lots of time there!