Thursday, August 30, 2012

Camping...Stewart Style

Better late than never.
Here are our camping photos:
We camped near this lake and
all Ty wanted to do was fish!
We caught some, but they
were tiny!
Summer cast once and caught this
little guy.  Ty was a bit jealous.  :)
My little boy is quite the outdoorsman.
He could sit there for hours!
He should make Uncle Earnest proud.
My favorite part of camping is the
feel-free-to-goof-off part.
Well, my girls didn't disappoint!
No campfires allowed?
Oh well!  We'll make s'mores
our own way then. 
It was beautiful, fun, and full of
memories.  Just ask the girls what
happened when they were washing our
dishes in the river.  Ahhh, memories!  :)

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