Sunday, July 22, 2012

Date Night...Montana Style!

The Wassmers were in charge of
date night last night.  They plan the
best activities!  We went to
the shooting range they
are members of.
I haven't been since I went with
my family when I was probably
Sydney or Summer's age.
Not too shabby.  :)
That is, until I compared mine
with Jeanelle's!  She could
be a sharp shooter.  :)
Kyle has the whole set-up.
Digital hearing aids, earphones,
goggles, ammo, and all kinds
of guns.  We only shot
hand guns this time.
Jeanelle made me feel better when
she explained that she took classes.
I was still really impressed!
Jasonn got to take out some agression.
He really needed to.  :)
Fun friends, fun activities,
and beatiful surroundings.
Montana is pretty sweet.

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Adventures in the Warr Zone said...

Last year we had a high priest couples outting shooting 1 morning. It can be fun.