Monday, July 30, 2012

Cabin Trip 2012

We had another great Stewart Reunion
at the cabin this weekend.
Too bad it's now a 13 hour drive.
That was a killer!
Grandad told us a lot of really
great stories about the old
days on Rock'n X Ranch.
His dad started that ranch in Vegas
before Vegas was 'Vegas'.  We
also refer to it as Stewart Ranch.
Gary was a good sport posing for
all of my pictures.  Well worth it
if you ask me!  I love them!!!
Here are all the grandkids (minus Brady on his mission
and Fletcher on High Adventure).  We went
on a beautiful hike to Louder Pond.
And here is the whole crew wearing
their shirts.  I was in charge of the
craft and we used the old branding
iron to brand our shirts.  I think they
turned out great.  I love that gang!


kandy said...

Sure looks like fun!

Becky Macbeth said...

So fun! The shirts are awesome. I wish our family had a branding iron - how cool!