Friday, June 29, 2012

Girls Camp...Montana style

 The girls and I just returned
from a 5 day adventure at
Girls Camp.  It was great 
fun and I am so glad I could go!
 We are used to being the smallest ward in Arizona,
but who knew it would follow us to Montana!?!
That's all of us from Central Ward.  Tiny fish
in a big sea.  Our Stake is Huge!  Double the
size of our Arizona some!
 One great thing about this camp
was the assortment of activities
available to us:  Repelling, Canoeing,
Swimming (with leaches), Ropes
Course, Rifles, and Archery!
Summer was an old pro at repelling.
 Both girls were in the first group racing
up the stairs to repel down the wall.  I 
was so proud of them.  They fear nothing...
except elevators (Syd anyway).  Weirdo!
 Montana is so beautiful.  The scenery 
was breathtaking.  It was really neat  to
have dear walking through our camp
throughout the week.
Now, it's time to catch up on some
sleep.  4-5 hrs a night doesn't cut it.  :)


jorgegr said...

Looks like a great camp. What fun activities.

The Fosters said...

Looks like a fun camp. Glad all the Stewart girls could be together!

Adventures in the Warr Zone said...


Becky Macbeth said...

How cool to have both your girls there! I'm quickly learning that two is better than one! ;)