Monday, April 30, 2012

Summer's Play

 Summer is on the left in all of the photos.
This is proof that Summer is an
outstanding actress!  :)  Not only did
she have to be a cheerleader, but
she had to be a stuck up, rude, and
mean teenage girl.  As you all know,
that couldn't be farther from the truth.
 At the beginning of the play, all of the
cast members arrive as if they are heading to 
the prom.  She stayed in character the whole 
time...rude, boy crazy, and would only
respond if you called her by her characters 
name. Her 'boyfriend' was pretty cute.  :)
  Curtain call
Notice the sign change in this photo and the next.
The first night was pretty crude.  The dean 
happened to attend and she made them
change a lot of it, including the name of the
high school.  It was Wanaget High. 
Summer's cheer and dance were definitely
the best parts.  Unfortunately, because
it was such a lame play, she may have lost
her drama spark, which makes me so sad.
I hope they pick some classics soon
so she has the desire to return.
We shall see.  No matter what,
I was so proud of her!

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