Sunday, April 15, 2012

On the road....finally!

 Since moving here in November,
we haven't been able to hit the road
and make some much-awaited road trips.
Plans changed at Easter, and instead of 
heading on the 19 hr. drive to my parents,
we shortened it by half to go to Utah.
 The best part....
road trips around here
lead you through Yellowstone!!!
 These bison were just chillin'
on the road as we approached.  It's
a pretty cool feeling to be an arms 
distance away from these massive 
creatures.  I must say, it was a thrill!
The biggest thrill of all though is having
this little lady behind the wheel.  Yep,
that was my 14 11/12 year old making
her way to Utah!


Rachael said...

Oh gosh! You have a daughter that is driving! They just changed the age to 18 here which is ridiculous! I hope by the time Alexis is 16 they change it back!

The Fosters said...

Your drive looks way more interesting than ours!