Friday, February 24, 2012

Syd's 12 year old trip

 My parents, as everyone already knows,
are out of control.  :)  For the grandkids
8th birthdays, they get to board a plane,
all by themselves, and fly to visit Grammy
and Pops in Southern California to be spoiled
rotten at Disneyland and California Adventure.
Well, for their 12th birthdays, they get to fly
out there to go to the temple and be spoiled.
 Fortunately, Summer went 
the same time as Zane, and
Sydney got to go at the same time as Tanner.
The Newport Beach Temple was closed for
cleaning, so we went to LA (which happens
to be the very temple my parents were
married in).  Pretty cool, right!
 Now, you may notice 2 people that were
never supposed to be on this trip.  The airline
that flys out of Billings doesn't allow un-
accompanied minors, so I got to go along.
Thanks mom and dad!  Well, Tanner might as well
bring his mom, too.  All 3 Foster girls were together
with our parents,our cousin Brittani, and her
 boyfriend Mike. Pretty good deal for Amy and me!
 It was a great reprieve for the cold in 
Montana and Utah.  Dolphins even put on
a show for us at the San Clemente Pier
on Sunday.  Hello! Life is GOOD!
We had a great time (even if Sydney kept
reminding me to lay low...I wasn't supposed to 
be there, remember).  :0)  Thanks Mom and Dad!


Eric and Tammy Mitchell said...

I wish I was a Grandkid

kandy said...

Thank you for having such a great kid and thank Jason, Summer and Ty for being good sports at home while you were playing!