Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Brace Face!!!

 What's the first thing you do when
you move to a new place?
You get braces, of course!!!
Poor Summer.  She has too deep of
a bite, so they put on some bumpers (they
are big plastic pieces attached to the back
of her two front teeth).  She can only bite 
down on those with her lower front teeth.
She has no use of her molars for about
2 months.  It's very interesting watching her
try to eat.  :0)  She's a good sport, though.
She has to have a baby tooth pulled
at the dentist tomorrow.  She is
shocked that Sydney keeps begging
for braces.  Maybe this will cure her.  HaHa


The Fosters said...

What does too deep a bite mean? Yikes. Hope the extraction went well.

Rachael said...

Why do all kids beg for braces...until 3-4 hours AFTER they get them and realize they hate them???
That was fast finding an ortho and dentist!!