Wednesday, October 26, 2011

We found a place!

 After a long 2 weeks of hunting,
we finally found a place.  When Jason
flew out there to look, he peeked in
the windows of a similar house next door.
They are really nice townhouses that were
built in 2004.  The negatives?  It only
has 3 bedrooms and it has less than
1/2 of the square footage we have now.
One major plus was the 'large' fenced
yard for Scoop.  We have been so spoiled here
with our huge yard & pool.  Who knew that having
a dog would make house hunting that difficult???
OK, 1 1/2 weeks till moving day and I have
a lot of pretty nice stuff that I will have to start
donating or listing on Craigslist.  Wish me luck!


Angela said...

Oh it's cute!! Good luck!! I know you guys will be just great because you always have a positive and healthy outlook on life :)

kandy said...

Looks nice. Any pictures of the inside? Hope it has plenty of floor space for when we come!