Sunday, July 3, 2011

Shelley's Patriotric Celebration

 We have the most adorable girl in our ward.  Her name is Shelley and she is a star!  She has been inviting us to her softball games all season.  Unfortunately, she would invite us after the game already happened.  :0)   Well, on Thursday night, she invited us to come and see her in a patriotic play she was in.  She was going to be Pocahontas.
 I was so impressed by the staff and the way they cared for the kids and adults with special needs.  We were seated behind many of the other kids that came to cheer them on in their wheelchairs.  It was a beautiful feeling.  There was so much love in that room.  I know we were seated amongst, and watching, angels on earth!
At the end, they sang 2 patriotic songs.  One (which I haven't heard before) was about 9-11.  The boy on the left was singing with tears streaming down his face.  I couldn't help but cry.  Following that song, they had all military stand and they honored them by singing, "I'm Proud to be and American".  The man on the right in this photo had an amazing voice and, once again, the tears started flowing.  I was so proud of Shelley and all of her friends.  They truly touched me, and my kids.  I'm so glad we were invited.  
Next stop for Shelley...the Special Olympics!
I sure hope we can go cheer her on!!!


Angela said...

Well it looks like Blogger is FINALLY going to let me leave you a comment today!! Yay! First of all, glad you got your camera back! The camp looks like too much fun and the photos are really cute (even the one you said was blackmail worthy) I hope everything works out with your house situation. Have you thought about buying the house you are renting or will you move back to Sedona if it sells?

Angie said...

That is awesome! What a great experience to share with your kids! We are looking forward to seeing you guys at the cabin!

jorgegr said...

That is great!