Thursday, March 17, 2011

New York City Fun!

 I'm happy to report that Summer
returned safe and sound this
morning...very early this morning. 
 The only thing I asked her for were
good pictures of HER in NYC.
This was my favorite.  She wasn't a
very big fan of asking others to take
her we got a lot of these: 
 It's cute, but the Statue of Liberty
lost a head, torso, and arms in the process.
 She loved Times Square.  She went there
3 of the nights, one of which they were filming
a New Years Eve commercial and there were
extras everywhere, a mock version of the ball
drop, and camera crews.  She thought that
was pretty cool!  Spiderman was there on a
different night.  She searched high and low for
The Naked Cowboy, but he was nowhere to
be seen.  Bummer!  Next time for sure.
 Strawberry Fields in Central Park was
one thing she enjoyed.  I was sad to see
how dead the grass and trees were.  We
went in  October and everything was still
so green and beautiful.  She was a little
disappointed that Central Park wasn't as
green and beautiful as I had described it to be.
 She really got around.  They hit a lot of the
hot spots, including:
Ellis Island
Statue of Liberty
Times Square
Toys R Us with the giant ferris wheel
Mamma Mia
The Met
Museum of Natural History
Empire State Building
Grand Central Station
9/11 Memorial
...and much more!
It was a tour provided by
Smithsonian Student Travel and they
got around on foot and via subway.
Here she is with McKenna on the
subway.  Only 9 kids from her school
got to go and it was an awesome trip.
I'm sure she will gladly tell you all
you want to know about it.  :0)


Becky Macbeth said...

Welcome home, Summer! What an awesome experience! Can't wait to hear all the details. ;)

kandy said...

I am so glad you got to go! It is such a great city. And I'm so glad you are home safe!

Angie said...

Lucky girl! NYC is so fun!

Lane & Jannica said...

How fun! That girl is already traveling more than I do! Cute pictures!

kelly said...

we never saw the naked cowboy this summer either...maybe he retired his nakedness.