Saturday, March 5, 2011

My name is Jen and I'm a GUMaholic.

 Gum is one of my very best friends in the
'food family'.  We all know that the Cadbury
Creme Egg has top billing in that category
for me, but this gum comes up right behind.
Minty Sweet Twist Trident
Notice that this picture I found on the
internet shows it in a multi-pack?  Yep,
not available here.  Only 1 of our 3 grocery
stores even carries it and it is an individual
pack.  They are really messing with my mind!
Trident Splash- Peppermint Swirl
My mom introduced us to this gum.
It's tasty, but doesn't last long enough.  Do
you have a favorite?  Share, please!  :0)
Trident should be sponsoring my blog.  :0)


Rachael said...

EXTRA Mint Chocolate Chip gym is my new favorite! They plugged it big time of Biggest Loser and I caved and bought a pack! mmmmm And at Sam's club it does come in a big pack! Try it!!!!

George said...

We always have some sort of gum in our car, house, purse. I like soem kind of Trident layers gum that is orange and some other flavor. I just threw out the wrapper so I don't remember what it's called. But Jenna did remind me that I need to buy more gum.

Jen said...

@Jodie- I have tried the fruit layers and I find them to have a diety fruit taste. Summer loves those, though.

@Rachael- Sounds weird. Chewing chocolate? Really? I'll have to try it. :0)

Eric and Tammy Mitchell said...

Extra Polar Ice. But I just tried the Mentos gum and it was really good. We must have inherited Grandmas love for gum.

Rachael said...

Jen-It taste like mint with a tiny hint of chocolate! Try it and report back! :)

amy said...

@ Tammy- I loved how grandma would offer us a "stick" of gum. What would she call a mentos?

kelly said...

i always have gum with me...purse, locker at work, church bag...and usually a variety of flavors. my sons addiction is orange flavored tic tacs.

Callie said...

lately its the new blue trident, but my no fail is the icebreakers. by the way, deidre (my dental hygenist sister in law) said the teeth whitening gum actually works and is good for you! AWESOME!