Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Last Diet Post...I promise!!!

Seriously! I know how annoying it can be
listening to someone else talk about their
'diet'. I apologize in advance. :0) I just
have 2 secrets to share with you. I have
been losing a pound a day, and these are
2 of the main reasons why:
Lean Cuisine's Chicken with Almonds is to
die for! Honestly, I think it's better than
eating at a gourmet restaurant. It's
just that good! Trust me on this one!!!

Remember my 'boring water' complaint.

Well, I tried Crystal Light like my mom

recommended, but I think it has a diet taste

and is too sweet. I found the perfect compromise!

Gatorade is just right & only 50 calories a glass.

I only allow myself to have it at lunch with

my Lean Cuisine. Yummy...& low in calories.

You're welcome! :0)


Angela said...

A pound a day! That is really great!! I lost a pound in a week :( I LOOOOOVE Lean Cuisine!! The spaghetti and meat sauce (not meat balls)is my favorite! I also love the panini sandwiches and the pizza! Oh and you must try the little Smart Ones cheeseburgers!! They are so good - we eat them even when we are not on a diet!

Angie said...

Jason is going to have to beat the men off of you with a stick on your cruise! ;)

Angela said...

HI!! I had to come put this over here-- NOOOO not PG 13. She should NOT read them!! Its just "PG 13" in the sense that it does not describe anything but there is sex and drinking... I WOULD NOT let my child read them (you know if I had a child ;)

Rachael said...

I love the Thai Chicken made by Smart Ones. Also the Three Cheese Ziti or something like that made by Smart Ones as well.
Good for you!!!

kandy said...

Wow you are doing great. Wish I was!

kelly said...

i started healthy fitness 2011 at work this week and the ice and snow has killed any ambition this week to eat healthy or to exercise. wishing you better luck than me this week :-)