Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Jumping Pose

I'm sure this goes without saying, but my
kids love to do the 'jumping pose' in pictures.
Summer tends to tease everyone else while
she claims to have the best 'pose'. See our
blog header. Hers is pretty cool. Well, as siblings
do, my girls constantly fight...over nothing.
One of their recent fights was over Syd's
lack of 'bent knee jumps'. REALLY? Must we
fight about our jumping styles??? I give up.
Summer got a camera for Christmas and I was
just going through some of the pictures she had
taken. This picture was taken in 'my room' at
my parents and apparently she was giving Syd
jumping lessons. That's a step in the right direction,
isn't it? Next thing I know they will be holding
hands and singing 'Kum ba yah'.
A mother can dream, right?


jorgegr said...

My kids fight about stuff like that too.

We Blog Artists said...

I missed your Valentine Happy *Hearts* day for Monday...and WOW...that's a JUMP!
mine fight too..."she looked at me!" that's a classic...
It's all good though.
HUGS to you Mama!

J. Kendall said...

That is a great jump! I had a talk with those two and they are not supposed to fight anymore! Should Grammy paddle their behinds?

Angela said...

How cute! It looks like she is holding on to the curtains!!