Monday, December 6, 2010

It's all real, baby!

I was called to be the Primary President in
our new ward. Yesterday was my first day
and it was fun! My counselors and I wore
silly Christmas socks and stood behind the
chalkboard. The kids had to ask us questions
and then try to figure out who we were.
Darn these thick dutch ankles!
knew who I was right away! :0)

Between getting ready for that big announcement,
making the decorations for the ward party, &
girls camp responsibilities, my kids are lucky
we were able to squeeze in enough time to go
tree shopping. I'm putting ink to paper on this...
There is nothing like the smell of a real tree.
Doing the shopping for it is quick and easy
around here. We buy a Noble Fir every year.

My garland & half of our ornaments are being used
to decorate the trees at the church for the party
on Friday. After that's over, I will take a full view
shot of the tree. As of now it looks a little boring.

Jason stepped away from watching football
yesterday to have his picture taken 'decorating'
the tree. He is even wearing a paper bracelet
Ty had made for him. He knows how to make
himself look good. :0) Silly dad!

After decorating the tree, Summer let us make some
of the cookies she had the Sedona Ward kids make
while she babysat on Saturday night. They paid her
to help her raise money for her NYC trip.
Nutterbutters, Pretzels, Frosting, & M&Ms= Cute!


Becky Macbeth said...

How fun! I remember them doing something like that when I was in Primary and I guessed Mom right away, too. Dutch ankles or not!! We thought once you were out of the Sedona ward it wouldn't be a one-woman show anymore...what happened???

Angela said...

Holy cute cookie alert!!

I have a fake tree :) I was on the "no fake tree" side for a long time!

Then, I had this tree one year that was so dead and ugly by the time Christmas arrived that I changed sides. --plus I have terrible allergies :(

BTW, I see the ornaments :)

Angie said...

Wow! Congrats on the new'll be great! Weston and I just got called to be nursery leaders which works out fine since London would never let me leave without crying his little heart out! Love the reindeer cookies!

Brette said...

Awesome! You are so perfect for that calling. Those kids will love you!!

Rachael said...

WOW!!! Primary President!!!! Have fun! I am the Secretary and at this time of year it is CRAZY BUSY!!!!
How is this for putting something on paper...I WILL NEVER OWN A REAL TREE!!! I just bought myself a real wreath and have a few tree smelling candles burning and I am good to go!!! Boring!!! I know! But it is such less mess to clean up and the cost of a real tree each year? No THANKS!!!

kandy said...

It looks great and I hope you get to enjoy it once the party is over on Sat.