Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What I'm Thankful For...

I'm thankful for adorably thoughtful people!
My friend Angel, who has one of the funnest
blogs ever, Pickles On Pizza, is one of those
people. She lives in Greenville, MS and she
recently blogged about one of her favorite
treats. I told her it must be a Southern thing,
since we don't have them here. Well, guess what
was in my mailbox today? An 8 pack of her
favorite chocolate treat, Mallo Cups. We are headed
out on the road to Vegas in a couple minutes and
these arrived just in time for a tasty road snack.
Thanks, Angela!
Happy Thanksgiving!!!


Angela said...

You know, I realized I sent them to the wrong address a couple of days after they were mailed - forgot you moved ;) But so glad you got them- enjoy :) Happy Thanksgiving!!

kelly said...

hmmm....i've never seen them here in tx. i'll have to keep my eyes open for them to try.

kandy said... that is a friend!