Monday, November 1, 2010

Not professionals!!!

Every year we envision Picasso, Michelangelo,
and DaVinci channeling through us to carve
our pumpkins. Obviously, they have
Alzheimer's because their skills have
long since disappeared! :0)

We got our pumpkins through Bountiful Baskets
this year. That's great. $3.50 each. They were
big, nicely shaped, but the timing was all off.

We picked them up Saturday morning at 9.
We had soccer games in different cities at
10:30, 12, and 3:00. We then had to rush to get
on costumes, sprint to trunk-or-treat, and try
to smile all the while. I think that's why Syd's
pumpkin has a frown. Maybe I stressed a
little too much. Sorry kids. You did great!


Angela said...

Her pumpkin looks like it has a stomach ache!

kandy said...

They are cute and at least you carved pumpkins!

Angie said...

They turned out great! Your Saturday sounds just like ours! Crazy busy!! We ended up carving on Sunday night since they had already gotten tons of candy at the trunk or treat the night before.

Rachael said...

Bountiful Baskets is awesome and the pumpkins were great!
Yours look great...I don't carve them...I clean them and the rest of the family gets creative and carves!