Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Is that a futerfy?

Becky (my little sister) went back to work
full time last week. She is a high school math
teacher and the mother of Libby. Since
she is so busy now, I figured that I would share
Libby's Halloween picture with all of you.
Isn't she cute!?!
She was a fairy, but Summer walked in
& saw this picture on my mom's blog and
said, "Is she a futerfy?" You see, when
my 13 yr. old was 2, she was a butterfly
for Halloween. She couldn't say the
word, and it has forever been futerfy.
We were so happy that Libby was carrying
on the tradition of futerfy's. :0)
Summer in 1999 as a butterfly. :0)


Angela said...

aww! My favorite color too!

kandy said...

What a chubby little cutie she was!!! I love her fluterfly!!!

Becky Macbeth said...

Look how adorable Summer was! What happened??? JK! Thanks for posting for me...I guess I was taking too long for your taste. I finally got around to it tonight, so check it out.