Monday, October 18, 2010

Time Out for Women

Every now and then, girls need a little pep talk.
My Aunt Tammy introduced me to something
new, something fantastic, and something life
changing. We attending Time Out For Women
in Phoenix this past weekend. Tammy has attended
three now and I completely understand why!
I want to share a few of my favorite quotes
from the 2 day conference with you.
The theme for this one was
InFiNiTe HoPe!
This woman is Mariama Kallon. She is from Sierra
Leone in Africa. When she was a young girl,
she witnessed her parents being shot and killed,
her brother being taken by the rebels (she later
found out his arms were cut off and he was left to
die since he wouldn't join them as a rebel), and she
had to stand and watch as the rebels cut off her
sisters legs and left to bleed to death (all within 24
hours). 'WHY ME?' She had many questions.
Through many experiences after that, she
met some LDS people and joined the church.
She left her homeland of Africa to serve a mission
at Salt Lake City Temple Square and said,
"I had no shoes on my feet,
but faith in my heart."
She said she never stops carrying
her scriptures, since they are her therapist
that get her through her darkest hours.
Her story is incredible and Deseret Book
now sells a documentary based on her journey.
Mercy River was the musical presenter at the
Saturday session. They were absolutely adorable!
'We All Need Saving' was my favorite song
they performed. Click here and it's song #4.
'I Belong' (#6) was another favorite!
My favorite speaker of all time is Brad Wilcox.
I heard him speak as a youth and I was so
touched that I wrote him a fan letter. To my
amazement, I received a FULL ON LETTER
back from him. That meant so much to me
as a teenager. I was able to take my daughters
to hear him last year and they fell in love with
his adorable personality, too. Notice my eyes
and hair in this picture. Think I cried a little?
He took a very serious route this time. He
told us to think of Christ as saying not just
come unto me, but COME AS YOU ARE!
Make an effort to live life striving for
excellence, but it's OK if we aren't perfect.
Perfection is impossible.
I'm so glad my Aunt invited me. I will
remember it forever. Can't wait until next year!


Angela said...

Wow! I can not believe what that lady went through - and still has a smile on her face. You would have to have faith to keep on going after something like that. It makes me realize that we are very lucky, indeed. Glad you had a nice weekend with your Aunt.

kelly said...

sounds like a very nice time. i think i will have to find that ladys book.

kandy said...

I promise I will go next year. Don't want to miss out on the spiritual high!

Heather Rice said...

I'm so glad you got to go! I went in Vegas a couple years ago and I get to go next month in Salt Lake! I love how one minute your laughing and then crying the next. So good for the soul!

Rachael said...

I have heard so much about Time out for Women...last year I had a newborn and this year...well he is still nursing so I am stuck home! Next year I am going!!!!!! I loved Brad Wilcox as a kid too! I will have to check out those songs!!!
What a strong lady you were able to hear and meet!

The Sorensen Bunch said...

Jenn- When did the braces come off? How did I miss it?!I was so happy to see you there. You always make me smile!!!!It was GREAT huh? Your family is all so beautiful!!!

amy said...

Imagine if you will, Brad Wilcox teaching maturation to our 6th graders. True story, fantastic approach, amazing man. I hope to join you next year.