Thursday, September 23, 2010

What would you look like?

Experiment time! What would you
look like with braces???

Ty would be stinkin' adorable!!!
Sydney would give her fake smile. :0)
Not to mention, they are a bit high.
Summer would prove it's time
for a real set. There goes another
$5000. Bummer. Can't we keep
pushing it off? PLEASE!?!

We've been wondering what I would
look like WITHOUT them for a year now.
YAY! Maybe I actually look like
someone that is almost 36.

Since everyone said I looked 10 yrs.

younger WITH braces, does that
mean I look 10 years OLDER now? :0(

When they removed my braces this morning,
I asked them what they do with them.
When she said they would be thrown away,
You're welcome!
Yes, they were sanitized! :0)


jorgegr said...

What beautiful teeth! Love the idea showing the kids with braces.

Lane & Jannica said...

You're beautiful Jen! And no, you don't look 10 years older

Becky Macbeth said...

You look gorgeous - slimy teeth and all! ;) The kids look pretty darling, too.

Callie said...

You look great! And I was wondering about sanitizing funny. I bet your glad they are off!

Angela said...

You look beautiful!! (but I thought so with the braces too!)

Rachael said...

How did they keep them all in 1 piece? Your teeth look perfect!!!

Jen Rose said...

You look amazing! But you always do! Does it feel weird?

Brette said...

You look great!! What a beautiful smile :) By the way, I loved the the tour of your house! It's so cute and your pool looks amazing right now!

Angie said...

So pretty!!

Adventures in the Warr Zone said...

Pretty funny, but your smile is great

kandy said...

Wow! They look great and glad we didn't have to pay for the second set!