Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Beauty Makeovers???

Sydney has been begging me to allow
her to give me a beauty makeover. I finally
gave in, assuming it would consist of some make-
up & maybe a cute hairstyle. As you can see,
I was WAY off! Cute, right!?!
I then insisted that she joined me in the
mud mask. After we ere saying how good
it felt, Ty wanted to try (to his dads horror).
Our favorite part is smiling after it
has dried. There is no cooler feeling!
Ty loved to watch it crack in the mirror.
If only I looked this cute covered in mud!
Ty and Summer both have what we refer
to as their 'famous pucker'. This is the
envy of their mother. I want big, luscious
lips like that. Syd has a flat pucker (which
she has been working on). She's still a great
kisser, don't get me wrong! Oh, I better go.
I have some lips to go kiss! :0)


**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

love it!!!
HUGS great Mum!

kelly said...

man jen...if i ever get to come visit...i want a facial.

Angela said...

Look at that pucker!!

jorgegr said...

So cute! I love the hair stiking straight up.

Jen Rose said...

oh look how cute! I love that feeling too....a cracking face! ha!

Becky Macbeth said...

I'm bummed I missed it - a whole party this time!