Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Last Minute Valentine's

Imagine this scene....I've just climbed
into a hot bath to relax for the evening
when my 10 yr. old knocks on my bathroom door.
"Mom, sorry I forgot to tell you, but we are
having our Valentine's Party at school tomorrow.
Can you help me make some Valentine's?"
So much for my 5 minutes of relaxation!
* Jason's out of town
* I helped a friend who's moving
clean her house today & I felt dirty
* I never get to enjoy my jacuzzi tub
* I'm raising 3 kids (need I go on?)

Sorry for the gross out picture of me in the
tub, but it helps set the stage for the story! :0)
Luckily, I found this idea last year, so
I was prepared with after-Christmas-clearance
candy canes. Mini ones to be exact.

You heat them up at 300 degrees
for about 5 minutes, then carefully
smoosh the ends together with the
backs of two spoons.

Easy peasy!
Not bad for a last minute Valentine's
party that is 4 days early!

Sequins instead of ribbon. :0P
Hey, you make due, right!?!


Angela said...

You are SO creative!!

1LuvnMama said...

OMGosh Jen!
That is awesome! I must try it! :)

Eric and Tammy Mitchell said...

I could not stop laughing. You are so funny. Did you say hurry go get the camera and take a picture of me in the tub. ha ha ha ha ha. Very creative :O )

Jen said...


Summer actually took that photo a few months back, but it was the same setting. :0)

I'm a little embarrassed to have that photo on there....but, hey. It's funny!!!!

Oklahoma Granny said...

Oh, wow! I love that idea.

Lane & Jannica said...

Haha you're so cute

amy said...

Can you be the last minute mom that I need? You are amazing!

Adventures in the Warr Zone said...

So cute!

Joan said...

Super-cute! I love it! I wish I had some leftover candy canes. My kids devour them.

jorgegr said...

Ok I hate creative people like you! Just kidding-I am jealous though. Cute idea.

Jessica said...

You are such a funny Valentine!

kandy said...

Oh my goodness - you truly are amazing!!!! Great job and the tub pictures is perfect - who took it?

Jen Rose said...

oh my gosh Jen! You are the best! Those are adorable! When Jason gets back....make him let you take an hour bath!

The Sorensen Bunch said...

oooh I am totally copying next year!!! CUTE IDEA!!!!