Friday, February 19, 2010

It takes HEART!

Sydney had the privilege of singing in front
of her whole school today. They are participating
in the Jump for the Heart Campaign. Syd's PE
teacher asked her if she would sing "It Takes Heart
To Be A Hero" which is their theme song for
the campaign. It was amazing!!!

Before singing, she participated in the Jump-A-Thon.
Once you missed a jump you had to sit down (that's
why she is surrounded by seated 4th graders). She did
well, but didn't make it to the final 3 in her grade.

After all the kids (K-6) finished jumping
all the students lined the basketball court and
Sydney took the 'stage'. You can see the boys
in her class in the top right of the photo. They
got the whole school clapping along and doing the
sway. They were so was adorable!

For this photo I jumped in front of her and snapped
mid note. She wasn't too happy with me over that.
She said I embarrassed her. Isn't that
what moms are for? Way to go Syd!


Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention that i sneaked out of the class room to watch her! My grade wasn't invited to attend because we aren't important. Great job Syd!

Jessica said...

she is beautiful,just like her mommy!

**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said... have SUCH beautiful darlings...and I'm sure you're SO proud...well, we know you are by all your wonderful posts about your treasures.
Well done SYD!
HUGS to you bella Mamma!

Angela said...

Before we know it she will be on American Idol!

kandy said...

Great job, as usual Syd! You are great.

Becky Macbeth said...

No video for us to watch??? Then maybe she'd be justified in complaining. Good job, Syd!