Friday, October 23, 2009

Summer's First Jr. High Dance

Sydney and her friend Clay are singing
a duet in church on Sunday. We arranged for
him to come over after Syd's soccer practice
to practice. Luckily, he brought an
entourage to help us get Summer
ready for her first dance!

Heather did an amazing job with Summer's
makeup. She was such a good sport...she even
let Sydney put crazy makeup on her!
Thanks, Heather!!!

I even made them taste Summer's fake
blood: Karo Syrup, Red Food Coloring,
& Chocolate Syrup. It was tasty!!!
The theme was Vampires & Zombies.
When we arrived at the dance, we were
greeted by 2 of Summer's team mates.
Collette looked amazing. That is her real
hair! Katie looked really good, too!

My friend Connie was there dropping of her
son Alexander. He walked right past me and
I didn't even recognize him. Can you tell that
Connie is an artist? Put me to shame!!!

Savanah looked adorable! She had the coolest
mummy dress! Summer looks like she is about
to attack her with the fake nails she's hating
me for. I hope they come off easily! If not,
I will never hear the end of it!!!

The best part of my busy day was
coming home and finding this:

Ty had done all the dishes and loaded the
dishwasher. He looked so cute standing on the
chair and scrubbing away! I love my kids!!!


Angela said...

They look awesome!!

Oh, and Ty-what a sweet kid!

jorgegr said...

How fun! Their make up looks great!

amy said...

We couldn't even pick out Summer in the first 2 pictures! What a great job on the outfit and make-up! Fun times!

The Fosters said...

I would not have recognized my adorable granddaughter. Scary but so fun. What great makeup and costumes!

The Fosters said...

What song did Syd and her friend sing? Bet is was awesome. She is sooo talented.

Becky Macbeth said...

Holy cow!!! What a fun dance! Summer looks amazing!!!! I can only imagine how long it took to de-costume! Way to go all out.