Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Pumpkin Juggling

Becky and Brad had heard of a nursery
that sold pumpkins in an unusual way.
$16.99 for as many pumpkins as you
could carry (w/o touching the ground).

Brad was the one who did it,
but the kids gave it a try the
next night with Randy, Cheryl,
Brittani, and my parents cheering
them on. Ty maxed out at 2!

Syd was able to get 3!
Her hair looks great, if I do
say so myself! :0)

Summer pulled off 5!
Becky managed 7....with
them crashing down after
I took the picture.

But Brad was the champion!
9 full sized pumpkins! 2 in-between
his legs and 1 in his teeth.

I wonder, will the nursery offer
this again next year? Way to
go Brad. He gave us 3 of his
prized pumpkins. THANKS!!!

We love pumpkin juggling!


jorgegr said...

quite impressed by Brad's ability to carry pumpkins. How fun!

Angela said...

What a fun post!! I bet they will have to rethink their prices after seeing your creativity! Way to score the pumpkins!

Anonymous said...

mom, Aunt Becky had an advantage! Her legs are longer! just kidding. great post!!:-)

The Fosters said...

Cute pictures! I love my pumpkin too! What a talented family we have!

Lane & Jannica said...

Oh that is too funny. I can't believe how many nice ones you guys got