Saturday, October 3, 2009

It's Saturday!

I have featured Sydney
and Ty and their soccer careers
thus far. That leaves one more!
It's Summer's turn!
First off, we made a dangerous decision last
night. We let Summer sleep over at Savanah's
before the game. Usually this is a big no-no,
but her game wasn't until 11, so we figured
she would get enough rest. Well....

...she played the best game of the season!
From now on, she is sleeping at Savanah's
every Friday night. :0) The crazy thing
is, Summer's team is now co-ed. Unless you
make varsity at our high school, you will be on
a co-ed J.V. team. For that reason, we now
have all U14 teams running co-ed. Now,
look at the above picture. Keep in mind that
Summer is closest to the camera. She is the
smallest girl on the team and there are 'men'
on her team. SERIOUSLY! Puberty must have
come and gone for some of them years ago.
It is quite comical to see her defending
men twice her size.

They won their first game (out of 4) today.
She was one tough player and we were
really proud of her. As for the other kids:
Ty scored 3 goals!!!
Syd scored 1 goal and we ended
up with a 2-2 tie.


Angela said...

You have a family full of soccer stars!

The Fosters said...

I love soccer too! Glad it was a good game for all of you yesterday! She is darn cute too!

Anonymous said...

She's adorable! I played soccer once in 2nd or 3rd grade, but I wasn't very good. Great pictures!

jorgegr said...

Wow co-ed huh? Jake's team is co-ed mostly boys though. Good job to all of your soccer players.