Wednesday, October 28, 2009

How's your weather?

We had soccer practice in the snow!
SNOW before Halloween in Arizona
is just plain crazy! LOVE IT!!!

Ty was playing in it barefoot.
He is one warm blooded soul!

Sydney was cold, cold, cold.
Notice her fun earrings?
Clip-on skeletons!

In the attempt to stay warm, Summer
decided to stay inside and entertain me
with her Michael Jackson impressions.
Guess we need to go see his
movie this weekend.

What's your weather like?


Angela said...

It is very muggy and 75 degrees here. Storms are coming for tonight. Just hope I can sleep through the night without a tornado warning.

I love the Michael Jackson impersonation! Very impressive.

Anonymous said...

Mom, you've got to admit that's pretty skilled!!!! I should learn how to dance. I might be pretty good! Luv you. Hope it snows again soon!!!

kandy said...

Darn warm compared to you!!! It was cold this morning but was 73 at lunch. Would you really pay to see that movie? Hope to get the computer set up this weekend.

1LuvnMama said...

thanks jen!
i don't think it's fifth disease. this morning, the rash cleared up (day 3). maybe it was roseolla again . . . nurse said to just monitor.

btw, the weather here is . . . hot and humid! would luv the snow here!

The Sorensen Bunch said...

you better beleive I wished that snow here for my birthday...for us east coast cold blooded folk...this weather is more like fall. Summer is pretty AMAZING tip toes and all!

Karrie said...

OMG!!! Look how big the kids have grown over the summer!! I can't believe what a little man Ty looks like. Hope all is well :) I really need to check in more often :))